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That Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!

That Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!


Are you looking for Digital Art for your Scrapbooking pages?  For as little as $9 a month you can access our Premier Digital Art – we have an Extensive Art Library of over 40,000 art elements, embelishment, alphabets and beautiful tried and tested textured papers. Contact me for the LOWEST PRICES!

State-of-the-Art Studio 3.0

State-of-the-Art Studio 3.0

I did this page for my little granddaughter and tried a couple of new techniques – of course the whole page was made is Heritage Makers Studio 3.0. Contact me if you are interested in a FREE no obligation online demo. I will walk you step-by-step and show you how EASY it is to make a page just like this one!Exquisite_Maddy_2

At Heritage Makers we just celebrated our National Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.  What an exciting 3 days we had…so much new information, new products and new ideas and no convention would be complete without networking with our fabulous fellow consultants.  What a Fabulous Business Heritage Makers is!  I am so blessed to be a part of this growing state of the art company…bringing Storybooking and Digital Scrapbooking to the world in a way that’s EASY enough for anyone to do. I am thrilled to be a part of an incredible mission of helping average folks preserve their memories and tell the stories behind all their cherished pictures.

What a Fabulous Event!

What a Fabulous Event!

September 2009 issue of Inc. 500 Heritage Makers has been ranked #9 in the Consumer Services Category! Wow! We were ranked #132 as one of the FASTEST GROWING Companies in America! Just a reminder about what we do…Digital Scrapbooking and Digital Storybooking – we have ALL the solutions for your old photos and your new Digital ones too! Preserve your memories with us in one of our beautiful hardbound books or make a poster, greeting card or calendar using YOUR photographs.


If you are looking to earn a great income teaching Digital Scrapbooking from home, then Heritage Makers is for you!

Join my team…contact me

I don’t think anyone could have a more fun and rewarding job than mine! I spend my days teaching my clients Digital Scrapbooking and it is so EASY! I am a Personal Publishing and Storybooking Consultant for Heritage Makers – PLEASE consider joining my team…I know little or nothing about computers when I first started and now look at me! You can easily do what I do, I will train and mentor you and you will enjoy a fun lucrative business.

See what Good Morning America thinks about Heritage Makers TOMORROW morning!
Heritage Makers will be featured during the 8am hour on ABC. I believe the segment spotlighting home based businesses will be done by Tory Johnson one of GMA’s producers under “Great New Home Businesses!”
My upline executive and sponsor Wendy will be hosting a Business Opportunity Call tomorrow evening at 5:30 pm MDT – we would love to have you listen to the call – contact me and I will send you the link for the live Webinar and you can listen to it and watch it on your home computer.
Being a Heritage Makes Personal Publishing Consultant is one of the most fun things I have ever done – I spend my days teaching my clients and new consultants how to do fun EASY Digital Scrapbooking and Storybooking on our State of the Art Studio 3.0 Publishing System –
No expensive software to buy or learn. Our System is all web based and easy for anyone to use.
Join my Team and make a wonderful income doing a new and exciting business that is going to take the world by storm just the same way traditional scrapbooking became a 2.5 Billion Dollar industry so will Digital Scrapbooking and Heritage Makers will be own a huge part of the market!
Join me in becoming a part of this exciting and new industry, you will LOVE it!





Sweet Ainsleigh

Sweet Ainsleigh




Levi Our Little Dude

Levi Our Little Dude

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day

I had so much fun creating these three pages for my family – I will teach you how to do the same! This coming from someone who has never done any kind of Scrapbooking before…if I can do it so can you! Give it a try…ask me about my no obligation Online Workshops – You can see for yourself how easy Digital Scrapbooking is when it is done the Heritage Makers way!


Being a consistent blogger is more difficult than I ever imagined. I do love blogging and need to put more effort into regular posts and stop making excuses for myself. So what have I been up to over the past while? I have been spending much of my ‘free’ time allowing my creative juices (didn’t know I even had any) to flow…I have been designing some 12×12 Digital Scrapbooking pages and having so much fun! Here are a few sample pages that I have completed. I am going to frame them for little gifts for my grandchildren. Oooh, I nearly forgot to mention I heard about this really great online store to buy quality frames at an affordable price give them a try, you will find them on ebay they are the frame guys – Email me if you are interested in REALLY Easy Digital Scrapbooking, I would love to help you!

Clark our Hero

Clark our Hero

Sweet Olivia

Sweet Olivia

Cute Little Carly

Cute Little Carly

I will add more pages tomorrow, these are some of the first pages I have done, and I think I have completed about 25 altogether.

If you are looking for a fun Home Based Business join my team – I will personally train you even if you have never done Digital Scrapbooking before, I will make a pro out of you in a couple of hours, it’s that easy!

While listening to the radio the other day I found myself listening to Jan D’Atri ,a local Arizona TV and radio personality and author.

I was very impressed by her discussion about the value of family and some of the simple things in families that connect us. The focus of her discussion was the joy of cooking within a family and the memories many women have of spending wonderful times, while they were young, cooking with their mothers and grandmothers.

Jan went on to encourage women to gather their precious family recipes along with the precious memories and commit them to paper. She has herself published a cookbook of memorable family recipes.

She also shares some wonderful stories of her own mother and the relationships that have become such a treasure over the years. A great reminder of what is most important in this life – family.

For a heart touching story check out this blog post by Jan’s mother.

Jan’s website has some great recipes you might want to try!

Here is one of my favorites.

English Trifle – I love English Trifle!

English Trifle

English Trifle

To see this recipe English Trifle

Favorite family recipes have become a popular book publishing activity within our circle of clients.

Click on the photo below to see how easy you can create your own family cook book.

Make your own Family Recipe book to share with the whole family

Make your own Family Recipe book to share with the whole family

Celebrating Women Magazine

Celebrating Women Magazine is a quarterly magazine highlighting different Direct Sales Companies that are succeeding in building business opportunities for REAL people.  Their Spring edition (soon to be released) puts Heritage Makers in the spotlight!

What an honor for Heritage Makers to be endorsed by Celebrating Women Magazine!

For a company that launched 3 short years ago in March 2006 Heritage Makers is really going places!

This is so exciting…soon you will be able to read the success stories and see how we are winning at building fun, lucrative home businesses with Heritage Makers.


Are you looking for an awesome business opportunity?

What about one that is layoff proof and succeeding regardless of the economic downturn?

Take a good hard look at Heritage Makers!

Last month we grew 150% over January2008 and we almost doubled our sales projections for the month of January – how amazing is that!!!

Contact me, I would love to show you how you can be a part of our success!

There IS hope out there…

Barbie~ Your Personal Storybooking Consultant

We just got back from the annual cruise with Heritage Makers Top Achievers Club. This was the most fun Top Achievers Club (TAC) trip we have taken.

The cruise ship was the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas, sailing from Miami to the western Caribbean.

Private Beach

Private Beach

We were part of a group of 100 people in the Heritage Makers group. Needless to say much of the fun was being part of such a lively bunch of wives and husbands.

FlowRider Chick

FlowRider Chick

 No trip would be complete without a photo next to a pirate.  Ahoy my matey!

Hey Matey, so where did you hide the treasure?

Hey Matey, so where did you hide the treasure?


We had so much fun and being a large group we took over the place from the Karaoke bar to the Ice show we helped to liven up the place.

Our stops include Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Cozumel and Haiti.

First stop was on a private area of Haiti called Lapidee. A secluded beach area for Royal Caribbean cruise ships only. Great weather, good beaches and lunch served on the beach. A good day of fun in the sun!

Next stop – Jamaica. We stayed on the ship so we could sit back and relax, visit with friends and just rest – it was great!

Grand Cayman was fabulous. We went into the port to look up some friends living on the island, we walked around the shopping areas and then had lunch and a swim on the beautiful Seven Mile beach. Awesome day.

Cozumel was fun despite the poor weather. We took a taxi to a beach resort called Paradise Beach and relaxed on the beach for a while then returned to the ship.  Very tropical resort area well worth the visit when the weather is good.


Great beach, only a few people but where is the sun?

Great beach, only a few people but where is the sun?

Then on the way back to Miami we enjoyed a 50mph head wind that caused many an up set stomach.


Fun! Fun! We are looking forward to next years trip. One of the reasons we love this business!

Playing Catch-up

We returned from a wonderful cruise with Heritage Makers Top Achievers Club last weekend ( we went to the beautiful Western Caribbean) – see tomorrows post for pictures

I have spent much of last week paying the price for being away from my business for 10 days. I think getting caught up on things is always difficult, though maybe my poor husband has born the brunt of it listening to me complain about all the work I have had to do.

….then I received this You Tube clip  from a friend.



I know my husband would rather have me complain about my business than to have me take over the kitchen with scrap booking supplies. 

 I have a daughter who is a traditional Scrapbooker and it has kept her sane over the past decade while her husband has been in Med School so I am not knocking scrap booking!

But really…there are some big advantages to moving into the 21st Century! 

Space – Money and Time!! Welcome to the world of Digital Scrap booking.



If you are looking for an easy, fast and fun way to preserve your memories PLEASE contact me! I would love to show you how you can make a 12×12 page in less than 5 minutes or a complete 12×12 book in an hour!

Christmas Cards vs. New Year Cards

I love Christmas so much, but Christmas 2008 came upon me before I was ready for it. I had a wonderful productive December and helped so many of my clients make books do great Christmas cards and also Calendars for 2009. I sent 100 cards to our troops, but never sent any cards to my loved ones, so I decided to send New Years cards which I am just about to publish with Heritage Makers and have them direct shipped to everyone. I just love that Heritage Makers does direct shipping for us now, it saves hours not having to individually address each card.

Hopefully none of you see it here before you receive it in the mail, but I figured that I had better do a post on this topic as it is another one of those busy weeks for me, getting ready to go on a cruise with my husband and the other members of Heritage Makers Top Achievers Club. I can hardly wait!

Anyway this is the card that is going out this week.


I will do my best to post this week before we leave on Friday for the Caribbean!

Fabulous Digital Art from ScrapGirls

With Heritage Makers Premier Membership you enjoy the following:-

  • Unlimited photo storage
  • Unlimited project creation and storage
  • Heirloom Assurance
  • Premier art library with over 30,000 pieces
  • New art monthly
  • Premier FREE template gallery with hundreds
    of beautiful templates
  • Ability to upload your own artwork
  • Free online master classes
  • Premier Customer Service
  • And your very own Personal Publishing Consultant! (that’s me)


    This is a really an amazing offer for all of my clients!

    We all know how much we love creating our wonderful projects using that fabulous collection of art and we thought $19.95 a month was a good deal! Club Premier is a GREAT DEAL!

    What a great way to START 2009!


    Remember this Special Price to join Heritage Makers Premier Club runs ONLY in January! Take advantage of this amazing offer…

    Contact me for ALL your Digital Scrapbooking and Storybooking needs; I would love to help you!

    Wedding Canvas

    I had so much fun laying out this poster for my son Clint and his bride Ambrie. It is a 16×20 Canvas poster. Heritage Makers include Gallery Wrapping for all Canvas posters. I can’t wait to hear what the kids say when they get this to hang on a wall in their new home. The art is from ScrapGirls and it is their French Market Collection. I contemplated doing a smaller ribbon on the layout, but have decided that the large ribbon makes a statement and gives great color to the frame


    Christmas Page

    Christmas is over for another year and I always feel sad and never know quite how I am going to be able to wait another whole year for this magical season to come around again! But…this is the best time to preserve the precious memories of this special season before they fade.

    I needed to do a 12×12 Christmas page for my daughter in-law Mindi and anyone who knows me, knows how I struggle to come up with a layout I feel is good enough  – anyway I found a beautiful template in Heritage Makers Template Gallery and couldn’t wait to use it. It was so much fun dropping in my own photos and completing a great page in less than 10 minutes – the Template Gallery is just the place for people like me.

    I ordered this page to be published for Mindi and loved it so much I ordered a copy to add to my Christmas 2008 collection of memorabilia too. I look forward to it arriving next week! I know Mindi is going to love this page…


    Digital Scrapbooking couldn’t be easier than using Heritage Makers online publishing system. No expensive software to buy, not to mention the time it takes to learn difficult software and all that clutter on your hard drive. I love that all my projects are stored online and that I can order a hardcopy of anything I want to share with friends and family. How great is that!

    If you want to make fabulous projects in no time at all, please contact me I would love to help you get started having the time of your life preserving all your wonderful memories.

    Looking Forward to 2009

    The past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy for me, with helping clients get books completed and Christmas Cards sent to their friends and families, not to mention I have been fighting a really bad cold since Thanksgiving and it looks like it has come back with a vengeance – I have been feeling pretty miserable through Christmas and today…tomorrow has got to be better. I am missing out on playing with the grandbabies and it’s driving me crazy. With all that I have had going on, I didn’t do my own Christmas cards, so I am going to repent and do New Years Cards for friends and family, but I did send out 100 cards to our troops, so that should count for something…right!

    Now let me get to the doghouse part of my post. I sent this to my sons a week or two before Christmas, in my endeavor to give them some motherly advice  and should have taken the time to post it here sooner to save some of you the agony of finding yourselves in the doghouse this Christmas season. I apologize if that is the case, but this will come in handy for next Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries etc. This little Video Clip is a MUST see, it is an excellent production and hilarious too! Enjoy!


    Next year you may also want to give Heritage Makers a serious thought, our products are guaranteed to keep you out of the doghouse too!

    Making 12×12 Pages

    I had so much fun trying my hand at 12×12 pages rather than doing an entire book and rushing to get them done before Christmas. I made 3 pages each for my granddaughters Olivia and Carly. I am especially excited after hearing that Michael’s Craft stores sells 12×12 frames and I will be able to frame the pages. They will make great stocking stuffers; I know Olivia and Carly will love seeing them hung on their bedroom walls. You can click on each page and see all three pages. When I have time I will be able to add more pages and then publish them for the girls. If you would like to make beautiful projects with Heritage Makers, please contact me! I would love to show you how easy it is…


    Olivia Jane asleep – I always feel there is something almost sacred watching a little child asleep. It is such a perfect, precious moment, one that unfortunately is almost fleeting.


    Carly is growing up so fast – she just had her hair cut in a little bob – I can’t wait to see the photos. Her mom says she is looking so grown up with her new hair cut.

    Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas!

    Don’t let the Christmas rush get to you this year! The malls are crowded and if you are anything like me, all the choices just seem to add to your stress. I will personally help your loved ones complete their Christmas gifts from Heritage Makers, all you need to do is order the Gift Cards – I will do the rest! They will be thrilled weather it is a simple photo book they are looking for or a canvas poster, Heritage Makers can do it all. Please contact me to order gift cards or to do a quick project too! Sign up for a free account today…


    The Story of an American Hero


    Early on the morning of Dec. 8, 1941, nine Japanese fighter planes swooped down on Malalag Bay in the Philippines and strafed and sunk two U.S. Navy seaplanes at the very outset of World War II.  All of the Americans escaped unharmed except Ensign Robert G. Tills, 23, of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, who was cut down by machine gun bullets. “Ensign Robert Tills died in the fusillade of bullets from the Japanese strafers, the first American naval officer killed in the defense of the Philippines,” the Naval Historical Center wrote. Continue reading…

    Heritage Makers in the News Again…

    Dr Sharon Murdoch and her daughter Candy May first thought up the concept of Storybooking! They knew that Storybooking and preserving the wonderful stories of our lives would be to the 21st century what scrapbooking was to the 20th century! They have been proven right already as Heritage Makers a company that launched in April 2006 is now doing millions of dollars in sales every year! This is just the beginning for Heritage Makers – we are going places! If you are looking for a wonderful Home Based Business please contact me! I am building a very successful team of consultant’s across the US and Canada and would love to have you on my winning team.

    sharon-2           Watch my good friend Sharon as she presents  a short background on Heritage Makers and Storybooking – she is an amazing woman! Read Oprah’s book about her precious little puppy Gracie who died unexpectedly and find out more about Oprah’s All Time Favorite Gifts right here too! This really is an exciting time to be involved in Heritage Makers – You have the stories, we have the technology so let’s preserve memories together!

    ClearPlay: A Revolutionary way for Your Family to Enjoy Movies Together

     Firstly this is a safe legal way for you to take control of what your  family sees and hears when watching a movie. This technology does not edit or change the original movie in any way and is covered by the Families Movie Act passed by congress and signed into law in 2004. You can adjust the filters according to the ages of your family members and sit back and enjoy a movie together.

    How It Works!

    You pay for a year membership ($80) which is only $6.67 per month.  The DVD player costs $79.99.  This membership allows you to visit the ClearPlay website  and download filters onto a flash drive.  You plug the flash drive into the ClearPlay DVD player and the player loads those filters onto your player.  You can even set the levels of filtering you want on your player.  For instance, you can select the level of violence, etc… as well as the movie ratings you’ll allow to play on the DVD player. My friend Suzie has this to say about ClearPlay “We set our player to allow all PG and G movies, but we blocked PG-13 and R movies.  When we leave the house…the kids can try to throw a PG-13 movie in, but it won’t play without a password that you set up.  We love having peace of mind that the movies our family watches will not include sexual scenes or profanity.”  It’s a great way to be able to watch movies!



    ClearPlay have a Christmas Special going on right now for a DVD player and a 12 month membership for $119.99.  If you order 3-5 DVD players, there are some great additional savings!  I am going to buy four of them for my children so that we can all have peace of mind when our grandkids are watching a movie. You can call ClearPlay at:  1-866-788-6992 to ask questions and find out more information or visit their website.  

    I know that we are all looking for quality gifts for our families this Christmas season and that is why ClearPlay and Heritage Makers are at the top of my list for Christmas!

     Have you done your Chrismas cards? If not don’t despair, I can help you get them done and in the mail in less than an hour!

    Heritage Makers on Good Morning America

    How great is THIS!!! Amazing publicity for Heritage Makers as Gayle King editor at large for O Magazine talks about Heritage Makers…one of Oprah’s Favorite Things this year. Read Oprah’s beautiful book memorializing her dog Gracie. Read the other book Gayle featured Before I Was Your Mother You can make books just like this for your family!



     If you would like to make a book of your own, please contact me, I would love to be YOUR personal publishing consultant! OR, if you are interested in a FANTASTIC business opportunity I would love to have you on my winning team! Heritage Makers will is fast becoming a household name! NOW is the time to join me on a groundbreaking opportunity as digital Storybooking and digital Scrapbooking take the world by storm! We are teaching people to preserve their memories and record their life stories and experiences leaving a wonderful legacy instead of  all those old photos in boxes and new Jpeg’s cluttering their lives, our families will have beautiful hardbound books to pass on for generations to come.

    The amazing Heritage Studio 2.0 is fun and easy to use, my clients love it, you will too! You will be thrilled with the quality of our products and they are ALL Made in America! Earn a lucrative income doing Heritage Makers as a business, or become a client-either way; I know you will love Heritage Makers!

    Letters from Santa…

    Today I found myself confined to home with a case of laryngitis – not being able to talk is real torture for me! I decided to spend the day creating letters to my grandchildren from Santa. I will submit them for publication tomorrow and they will be shipped in a beautiful linen envelope to their individual homes where their mommy’s will promptly discard the envelopes and tell them they just received a letter from Santa who as we ALL know lives in the North Pole. Now how do I make sure their parents have the cameras ready when the kids get their letters…oh well we can only hope!

    If you would like to make a card for a child from Santa, please contact me. I guarantee you can do it in as little as 5 minutes and then Heritage Makers will publish it for you and even mail it direct with our direct mail service – your only job is to warn mom it’s coming:)

    Oh, I amost forgot to tell you we are running a special on our cards this month (December) – if you buy 50 of our 5×7 Postcard/invitations they will cost you $1 each! Plus S&H. You can’t beat that…okay, I know you don’t have 50 grandchildren or probably not, but you can use the rest to send Christmas Cards to friends and family or anything else you use cards for during the year. How about a couple of Christmas cards for our wonderful troops?








    These little letters are going to add to the excitement of Christmas for my little grandchildren and years down the road they will bring back wonderful childhood memories. Your children will cherish these beautiful quality cards too!

    Remembering Our Troops this Christmas

    Last Saturday while watching the Mike Huckabee Show on Fox News, Mike Huckabee’s wife did a short segment on sending Christmas Cards to the men and woman in the Armed Services.  The Red Cross would like to send out 1 million cards to our troops this Christmas, so I decided that I would send 100 Christmas cards to the troops who are protecting us overseas. Many Service Members don’t get anything from home at all, I found that so sad. The website Mrs. Huckabee promoted was The American Red Cross Holiday Mail  – please remember that your cards must be postmarked by December 10th or they will be returned to you. Checkout the website and read up about the other rules for sending Christmas cards to the troops this year. This is one of the cards I am sending out, I found the design in our Template Gallery and it took me a minute to drop a photo in and add a few Christmas wishes, a small price to pay for the freedom they make possible for all of us. Send one card; it will make all the difference.





    Heritage Makers is featured in O Magazine December issue as one of Oprah’s All-Time Favorite Gifts! This is totaly amazing news! Our beautiful hardbound Storybooks are loved by Oprah and featured on this exclusive list.  Let me help you get started with a book of your own, start making history to day! it is easy and fun with Heritige Studio 2.0 Publishing System. I know you will be as impressed as Oprah is…Interested in our Oprah Special? Contact me!



    Heritage Makers Consultants use the very best of technology to connect people on a very personal level. Thought the technology is the very best there is, it’s designed to be efortless. My clients love the simplicity of Studio 2.0 and are thrilled with the quality of their projects. Digital Scrapbooking couldn’t be easier to do. Being a Personal Storybooking Consultant with Heritage Makers is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Ask me how you can become a Personal Storybooking Consultant and earn a lucrative income too! Contact me for a FREE Online Demo – you will be amazed how easy it is to Make History with Heritage Makers.  



    Beautiful Projects in the Template Gallery

    Beautiful Projects in the Template Gallery

    Recently, our grandchildren moved out of state and I miss them so much. It gives ume comfort that I have made books for them and they have them available to read at anytime. Their storybooks convey a message of love and significance despite the distance between us. They know I made the books because they are such a significant part of our life and our family. They know I treasure the books I made because the books are about them.

    I miss my grandchildren and will have 2 new books done by Christmas. What a wonderful gift to give at Christmas time!

    I look forward to seeing all my grandchildren over the Holdiday season.

    Cute Kids!!!

    Cute Kids!!!

    Oprah’s Influence!

    Heritage Makers is featured in Oprah’s O Magazine this month. We had two of our Arizona consultants display our beautiful books on a Local TV station this morning. It is amazing the attention we are receiving from being on Oprah’s All-Time Favorite Gifts list.



    Are Your Kids Turning into Little Jpeg Files, Cluttering Your Computer?   Do You Need Help Scanning Your Precious Photos? 

    Creating beautiful books to preserve your memories is so easy with Heritage Makers! Contact me for a FREE Online Demo and I will teach you to complete a fabulous book before Christmas.

    Need scanning done? No problem! We offer a Personal in-home Scanning Service – with our high speed scanner your photos are digitized in minutes. We place them on a CD and also re-touch your photos if necessary. Now you have secure digital photos that you can share with your family and friends.

    Names you can trust with YOUR precious family photos – Heritage Makers and Kodak! 


    Heritage Makers Introduces Direct Shipping!


    Ship your holiday cards to your family and friends – directly! Heritage Makers is proud to announce, you can now ship greeting cards directly from your address book to your friends and family. Create your beautiful Custom Christmas Cards then simply select the address you wish to send the card to and we do the rest! No more standing in long lines at the post office, we’ve got you covered! Each card will be shipped in a beautiful linen envelope that will impress all who receive it, not to mention the exquisite card you have personally created.

    With address book, you can:

    • Ship holiday cards directly to multiple recipients
    • Keep track of your contacts
    • Make updates to your contacts and groups
    • Ship other HM projects to single recipients

    You can also find your Address Book under the “My Account” tab when you login to your Heritage Makers account. Don’t have an account yet? Sign-up for a free account now and start your Christmas cards before the Christmas rush!

    Let Me Help You with Your Christmas Cards

    Let Me Help You with Your Christmas Cards


    Create a Beautiful Custom Christmas Card  

    CLICK HERE to view

    CLICK HERE to view


    VIEW Another Beautiful Card

    VIEW Another Beautiful Card


    Visit our Template Gallery for great Christmas card ideas and other projects too! With Heritage Makers Studio 2.0 Publishing System we have made Digital Scrapbooking so easy. Need help contact me and we will get your cards done in no time at all…

    Make History with Your Own Storybook!

    Share in the Christmas Festivities With Heritage Makers and Oprah!  

    Check out O Magazine December 2008 at newsstands now! Oprah Loves Heritage Makers so much that she has featured our beautiful 12X12 hardbound Storybooks as one of her All-Time Favorite Gifts!

    Join in The Festivities - Enjoy Our Oprah Special

    Join in the Festivities - Enjoy Our Oprah Special

     Heritage Makers is offering the incredible Oprah Special! Get an amazing deal on our fabulous 12X12 Storybooks and 12X12 Individual Pages. Make sure YOU Make History by having your Storybook under the Christmas tree this year!


    What a Deal! Amazing 12X12 Hardbound Book

    What a Deal! Amazing 12X12 Hardbound Book

    Are you tired of giving trinkets and trash…contact me and I will help you complete beautiful lasting books for your loved ones for Christmas this year!  Each of these amazing specials come with 1 month of Premier Membership Free…First time clients contact me and I will get you a 2nd month of Premier Membership Free! 

    Beautiful 12X12 Pages

    Beautiful 12X12 Pages

            Looking for a fantastic Business Opportunity? 

    We are looking for energetic committed Personal Publishing Consultants across the US and Canada to teach clients to use our state-of-the-art Publishing System, to record their stories and publish their books. Consultants will also teach Digital Scrapbooking and Storybooking – All Consultants will receive extensive training and mentoring from me…

    Don’t Delay Start today!


    How Cool is This?

    We are listed in Oprah’s All-Time Favorite Gifts!!!

    See us in December edition of O Magazine – Binding Families Together Begins HERE!

    Oprah Loves Her Heritage Makers Book

    Oprah Loves Her Heritage Makers Book


    You Can Make Beautiful Books too!

    You Can Make Beautiful Books too!

    I would love to help you make your storybook. Its easy and convenient. I can show you how from my computer to yours and answer any questions you may have. I am confident you will love our system and I know you will be thrilled with the final product.

    Your family and friends will be both impressed and delighted!

    This holiday season give a gift that will be treasured forever!

    Contact me!

                                  Read Oprah Precious Story – click on the book                                           
    It’s Official! If you haven’t heard this very exciting news yet, Heritage Makers Storybooks are one of Oprah’s favorite gifts! See O Magaizine now on sale –   Heritage Makers   12×12 Storybooks is featured in O Magazine December edition-hurry go get your copy now.  Being listed as one of Oprah’s favorite Things is one of the most sought after accolades a company can receive – WOW! To be on the O List! Love her or not we all know O Magazine and Oprah’s influence stretch far and wide.                                                                                                       
    What can Heritage Makers and Oprah do for you?     
    During these un-nerving economic times it is a fact that, direct sales businesses grow and thrive. Families are looking for more income; moms are looking for something to bring in extra money. The biggest concern for Mom and Dad is what to do with the children if mom gets a job – never fear, work from home! Moms all around this great country of ours are looking for an amazing Business Opportunity!                                                                                                                                      
    I can honestly tell you-look no further Heritage Makers is it!!                                             
    Now, with the prestigious placement in O Magazine on Oprah’s ‘O List’ this business will take you to heights you never dreamed possible.  
    Join me…become a part of my Winning Team.  
    As Oprah said “Every Story deserves a book of its own”!!
    Storybooks do make a difference, they change lives in so many amazing ways…
    It thrills me that even a women of Oprah’s stature and fame took the time out of her busy schedule to personally thank Brenda for the storybook she received memorializing her precious  puppy Gracie.                               
    Oprah is a powerful woman, but more importantly she is a classy woman! Listen to her beautiful words of gratitude  Thank you Brenda!  
     I know that Oprah knows…money can’t buy class. She’s simply got it!  
                                                                                                                                                                        Why don’t you GoStorybooking Today!                                                                                                                                    
    Make a Storybook about the most important people in your life…a person, place, or even a pet. Give the gift of heritage to the heroes in your life and discover the power of Storybooking! It will CHANGE your life and touch the lives of those around you! 


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