Our world has become a battle for “mindshare”. A term I will steal from the corporate world. It literally means using every appropriate means to obtain a large share of the important activities of someone’s mind and thence activity. As we are what we think about, corporations have gone to a lot of effort to influence us for profit. As a result we are bombarded with messages. This is particularly the case with society’s most easily influenced – our children. Then there are the dozens of non corporate organizations competing for “mindshare”; political, international, religious, special interest, save the planet and all the many others.

In the years before 24 hour cable TV channels & DVDs, there was more time spent telling and re-telling the stories of our lives and the lives of our families.Now we live in a world where our cars are equipped with DVD players and the family vacation planning includes taking as many DVDs as necessary to entertain the children the entire journey. What happened to the days when that car journey was spent telling stories, playing games and singing songs? Sadly, they are gone!

This is why Heritage is disappearing from our lives rapidly. When do families share the stories of their family heritage?

As a consequence of this we find more broken families, more children looking to gangs for a sense of belong. We see more and more teenagers turning to celebrities and sports heroes as role models. How many people are turning to drugs and alcohol to numb out their dull lives and hide in the world of a chemically created fantasy?

Years and years of lives have been recorded in memories, photographs and mementoes only to be forgotten and in many cases when the elderly pass away, they are lost forever.Wonderful stories of triumph, love, sacrifice, accomplishment, learning and even tragedy are lost from the records of our world as each person passes away.

Our heritage is part of our DNA. I didn’t know my father very well. He was a deeply private person. I have learnt more about him after his death than when he was alive. I feel like I know him better; I understand more about his life and consequently more about why he was who he was. For example; I learnt about his love for poetry which I knew nothing about until after mom and dad had both passed away and I was able to read the letters and poetry he wrote to mom when he was away on business.  My only wish is that I had known about this when he was still alive so that these “heritage links” would have enabled a richer, closer relationship. (written by my husband Neville)

Who is preserving your family Heritage?

How can you celebrate your family Heritage?

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